Great People To Follow On Twitter For Web Designers

web designers to follow on twitter

Hi, I’m a web designer and I’m part of this really niche group of people using an unknown micro blogging tool called Twitter.

Is that enough sarcasm for you? Well Twitter has changed the way I communicate and opened up lots of opportunities for me to meet and learn from some really great individuals. The design community has taken to twitter especially well, meaning that there are literally thousands of similar people to me, sharing all sorts of great information.

Well I thought I would recommend the people I gain the most from and tell you exactly why you should consider following them.

Mark Boulton

web design to follow on twitter - mark boulton

Mark Boulton is a designer based in Cardiff. He has recently written some excellent web design books and has been undertaking the huge job of redesigning the Drupal interface.

Mark posts a great deal on Twitter. Most of his posts are his personal thoughts but he does sometimes share other great content he has found. Mark is a very gifted designer and following him and his ideas can only be a good thing. It has been for me!

Follow Mark Boulton

Steven Snell

web design to follow on twitter - steven snell

Steven Snell is a web designer who has gained his reputation through running Vandelay Design, and Taffikd, all of which are excellent sites.

Steven shares a lot of excellent web designer resource, most of which he has found from other sites. He is always willing to RT excellent content making him a one man RSS feed via twitter.

Follow Steven Snell

Chris Spooner

web design to follow on twitter - chris spooner

Chris Spooner is widely known for running Spooner Graphics, a web design blog that i suggest you check out. Chris has also recently launched Line 25 which is shaping up to be just as successful.

Chris mixes his tweets between personal insight and content sharing providing his followers with lots of reasons to keep following him. Chris replies to @tweets very quickly making him accessible for advice etc.

Follow Chris Spooner

Jam Factory

web design to follow on twitter - jam factory

Jam factory is the alias for Gavin Strange. Gavin is a hugely talented designer working at Aardman animations in Bristol. You may also have heard of the ‘droplets’ range of vinyl toys that Gavin designed.

Jam Factory uses twitter to update his followers about his daily life. He posts a great deal of works in progress giving insights into his working processes, which I personally find very interesting. If Jam Factory isn’t posting about his design work he also updates about his passion for bikes and is often asking anyone close to Bristol to join him for a ride.

Follow Jam Factory


web design to follow on twitter - noupe

As a web designer I keep tabs on a huge number of design blogs. Noupe is one of my favourites, posting a great deal of excellent content.

Noupe, like Steven Snell is great at sharing web design related content. On many occasions I have clicked on a link recommended by Noupe.

Follow Noupe

Andy Budd

web design to follow on twitter - andy budd

Andy Budd is managing director at Clear:Left, a user experience based consultancy working out of Brighton. Andy is a prolific speaker at numerous web design conferences and has thus gained celebrity status within the industry.

Andy tweets about his working life. As an individual who would one day like to run my own agency, I find it of great interest hearing about Andy’s working processes. Andy also tweets some excellent opinions on all things web based. He is regularly socialising out and about in Brighton and often extends invitations via twitter.

Follow Andy Budd

Carl Martin

web design to follow on twitter - carl martin

Carl Martin is an up and coming personality within the mobile industry. Carl is a hugely enthusiastic individual who believes the future of the web is mobile and he makes a compelling argument for it as well. He can currently be found working within Redweb, a Bournemouth based digital agency.

Carl’s tweets are both personal and resourceful. He uses twitter not only as an educational resource but as a networking resource. He replies to @tweets and is very happy to share great stuff. Carl also manages to put some of his ‘humour’ in a few posts…

Follow Carl Martin

Grace Smith

web design to follow on twitter - grace smith

In Grace’s word’s she is “A 26 year old Freelance Web and Graphic Designer in ? with web standards and social media. An unashamed Apple Fangirl.” Grace is from Northern Ireland and runs a small design agency called Postscript 5.

Grace posts a good balance of both personal tweets and resourceful ones. On a Thursday she runs #themethursday where her followers decide upon a theme and Grace finds and posts all manner of related articles. Grace is also a keen advocate of #followfriday.

Follow Grace Smith

Web Designer Depot

web design to follow on twitter - web designer depot

Web Designer Depot is a beautifully designed blog, posting quality web related content.

Web Designer Depot is a design resource on twitter, just check out his latest tweets, there is a huge amount of great content there to be found!

Follow Web Designer Depot


web design to follow on twitter - addyosmani

Addyosmani is a Senior Web Developer who works at and writes for Web design and development blog

Addyosmani is one of the best developers I follow. He posts a great deal of interesting posts that deal with jQuery, PHP, HTML5 etc. If you love your code I suggest you give him a try

Follow Addyosmani


web design to follow on twitter - atikus design

Well this one is a bit of a shameless plug, because this is my personal twitter handle. However, I am very active on twitter and of course post the very best tweets every time. So go on follow me?

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  1. Steven Snell said on June 17, 2009

    Thanks for including me. I had a number of new followers this morning.

  2. Great People To Follow On Twitter For Web Designers | Design Newz said on June 17, 2009

    [...] Great People To Follow On Twitter For Web Designers [...]

  3. ADRIANA SASSOON said on June 17, 2009

    Great source of info.Thank you for the tips!
    Please visit my blog.

  4. IndiAdamJones said on June 17, 2009

    Hey, thanks a ton. I am a 30 year old designer working at a sign shop for $12/hr. Right now there isn’t even enough work to keep me busy for 25hrs / week! Even when there is, it is mostly vinyl production. I hope to get in with some people higher up in the design industry, so that I can have a more fulfilling career. I don’t mind busy work, but this is ridiculous. Thanks for posting this list of designers, who were successful at finding their niche.

  5. Shibi Kannan said on June 17, 2009

    Very nice list of famous twitterers – Just a not web designer depot user id is wdd

  6. Terrance-OXP said on June 17, 2009

    Well, I just followed all of them..:P It’s great to keep up to date on what new and interesting things these great people can offer!

  7. Daimon said on June 17, 2009

    for those interested in the day in the life of user experience professional… @modalinc plug=shameless!

  8. jason said on June 18, 2009

    @minimalsites and @siteinspire

  9. Al Kirby said on July 10, 2009

    Sweet! Thanx! I’ve been putting this off for long enough. thanx for making things easier for us.