The Best Links Of The Weekend


For obvious reasons, the weekends provide very little new content and seemingly the number of people surfing during this time decreases. However, there are still a few gems to be found and I have them here for you. So if like me, you have been busy, away from a computer this weekend you will want to check out the list I have compiled summarizing the best of this weekends web design content. (read more…)

Posted By atikusdesign on May 31, 2009

The Best Links Of The Day 29/05/09


I was out all day enjoying the sun in Brighton so I was extremely excited when I got home and found that loads of great content has been posted while I was out. Here’s a round up of Friday’s web design action. (read more…)

Posted By atikusdesign on May 29, 2009

Amazing Designer Toy Showcase


I’m one of a huge number of designers who just LOVE vinyl toys. I’ve lost count of the awesome desk areas i’ve seen that have been beautifully decorated with an awesome vinyl toy or ten. I thought that I’d showcase some of my favourite toys and now I look at the list that has been assembled, I wish I had the money to buy them all because they are all soooo good. I hope you enjoy the list and please suggest some other vinyl toys in the comments section because I just love to look at these things! (read more…)

Posted By atikusdesign on May 28, 2009

The best links of the day 28/05/09


Today was packed with great web content! Sit back and enjoy great tutorials, great tips and great design. I’ve done my best to summarize everything that interested me today but feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section. (read more…)

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The best links of the day 27/05/09


The day started slowly today but picked up with some interesting articles. Today’s list has some great packaging design showcases, some time-saving tips, a great interview, PHP tutorials and some logo design knowledge. Get yourself in there and clicking away! (read more…)

Posted By atikusdesign on May 27, 2009

Interview With A Pro – The Floating Frog


Interviews are always something I read when trawling through my RSS reader. Getting the insight into someone else’s daily design life really interests me. I hope it also interests you because over the next few weeks I’m hoping to publish some interviews with proffessionals, who have been working within the web design world and would like to share their ideas with you. The first of these is right here in all its glory!

Today’s interview is with a web designer and blogger who goes by the AKA of ‘The Floating Frog’ and he has answered my questions brilliantly, provinding you with some great information. Enjoy! (read more…)

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The best links of the day 26/05/09


Today produced another batch of great content. Here is my daily roundup, while this is all great stuff I think you should pay special attention to ‘Off the wall’ there are some absolutely breathtaking murals to be seen there! (read more…)

Posted By atikusdesign on May 26, 2009

The best links of the day 25/05/09


Today was a bank holiday here in the UK and the weather was amazing so I spent most of my day away from a screen. However, I still managed to find some wonderful web content to share with you all. The links consist of a great interview with Ryan Downie, some really great tutorials, a brilliant advert and much much more. Enjoy! (read more…)

Posted By atikusdesign on May 25, 2009

Weekly Web Inspiration #3


Another week of really great websites for you. I really enjoy putting this post together because there is such an abundance of really quality web design around. Please feel free to submit your own inspiring web design in the comments section of this post and I will add the best suggestions into next weeks post. Enjoy! (read more…)

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World Class Graffiti Inspiration


I’m constantly on the lookout for different types of inspiration and I nearly always find myself coming back to the graffiti genre. I just love the diversity that can be found. I would love to live in a world where local authority organisations would commission local artists to decorate run down areas, rather than waste the money on paying individuals to ‘clean’ graffiti off the walls. If they gave someone with skill, the budget and the time the quality of the work would really improve and give other graffiti artists a standard to look up to.

Anywho, here is an amazing list of top quality graffiti for you to enjoy and admire. Please make sure you click through to their sites because there is soooo much more amazing stuff to be seen. (read more…)

Posted By atikusdesign on May 22, 2009