Web Designer Interview – Design Vetica

Web Designer Interview - Design Vetica

Today we have an interview for you from a few very young entrepreneurs who have started their own design agency, which goes by the name of Design Vetica. I found it very interesting how these guys see themselves and the industry we are all working in. Thanks very much to them all for agreeing to andwer my questions and providing such a great interview.

1) If you start by intorducing yourself to us and tell us exactly what it is you do and how long you have been doing it?

I’m William, one of the three partners for Design Vetica. We were all interested working in web design and media production since we were around 12- and 13-years-old. We’ve been involved in web design about 2 years before we started the company, and most of the projects we received were referrals from friends. David and I started talking about building a company for web design and media production in IT class, and I pulled in Alex as he had worked on previous projects with me. In February of 2009, Design Vetica was born.

2) Tell me a little bit about Design Vetica, the studio you started.

Design Vetica is an interactive agency dedicated to web design and media production. Unlike large corporations, we are much more approachable. Our clients range from individuals, small business, and even corporate enterprises. Furthermore, like any other modern company, we are also very transparent. You can find us just about anywhere. Anyone interested in reading about us can find us on our website at http://www.designvetica.com. We also keep an updated blog that talks about the latest trend in design and coding techniques. People can also follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/DesignVetica or on Facebook at http://facebook.com/DesignVetica. After every meetup and events, we also upload photos on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/DesignVetica/.

Design Vetica

3) Has your age made getting clients difficult? How do you persuade them to take you ondespite your lack of years?

Surprisingly, clients didn’t mind our age. Some of them probably didn’t even know that we are still in high school. Nowadays, some companies are also trying to hire young people. This benefitted us as we presented a new modern looking website to most of the companies that came to us.

4) What’s the web design scene like in Vancouver? Are there many other like you around?

We went to a lot of meetups, social gatherings, and conferences, and have yet to find others like us. There are definitely established agencies, but we did not find any other high school students starting a design agency.


5) How would you describe the Design Vetica style?

We aim for the modern look and feel in our designs. Since all of us at Design Vetica are young professionals, we are on the cutting edge. We utilize the latest trend in design and coding techniques (such as CSS3) and apply them to the websites that we build.

6) Where do you go for inspiration? Both online and offline.

We find inspiration from all sources, which ranges from books, posters, and other websites such as Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions, and web galleries. On top of that, we all keep a dotGrid book to draw out new designs so we never lose them. Most of the time, our designs are the visions we have for a clients’ website. Whenever we are approached, we then envision the website and take reference from the great resources we have.

Edge Homes

7) When you recieve a brief, how does the project start. Talk me through the project process from start to finish.

Our process starts with concepts and ideas. This is where we brainstorm our design ideas for the project on paper. Then, we use Photoshop to design the mock-ups of the website. After the mock-ups are pixel perfect, we send it to the client for approval. After receiving the go-ahead, we would then send it off to be coded.

8) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Our goal has always been to establish a premium design agency, and we will be looking to expand and grow, with a new motion graphics team called Vetica FX. Further, we are also developing web applications that will be made public in the near future. We are all considering going into either computer science or business for university, but whether we are all at the same school or working as a distributed team, we will definitely be working together in the future.

Omar Kassam

9) Finally, I’m sure there are lots of other younger web enthusiasts out there, what advice would you give any of them?

It may sound cheesy, but DO IT; because you never know unless you try. The truth is when we think back to how we started, we were even shocked to find ourselves following such a crazy idea; but we are glad that we did it. Even if your idea fails, use it as an experience because we all learn from mistakes.

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