17 Cool USB Sticks + Hubs


I always carry around a trusty USB stick with me. I’m always using it to show people my work or to save files to work on later at another computer. However, my USB stick is a rather boring bit of plastic that noone would ever notice. Well, I’ve been doing some research and that just doesn’t have to be the case.

As the following examples show your USB stick can not only be a really useful tool but it can also be a conversation starter if it is as cool as these designs.



Ennova Direct with OLED display and biometric scanner


TDK Trans-it Edge

TDK Trans-it Edge

Flash Bag

Flash bag

LaCie Key USB


Lacie Hub


Stick Man Hub


Old Key USB


Asterisc Hub


Credit Card USB


Bendy Stick USB


3way Hub


Star Wars USB


Lego Brick


Ripped Cable USB


Mix Tape USB


Robot USB


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4 Responses to this post

  1. joyoge designers' bookmark said on May 9, 2009

    nice usb stiks I like “USBEE” thanks for collection

  2. atikusdesign said on May 9, 2009

    I have to admit USBEE is my favourite as well, that’s why I put it at the top. Glad you liked the post!

  3. brian said on May 9, 2009

    Ha ha . The ripped usb cable is my favorite.

    In all seriousness, i think designers should focus on making usb drives compatible with the setup of USB ports. I can’t stand it when i go to plug in a USB drive and it’s too wide or too fat and i have to unplug something else so that I can plug in my USB drive. My SanDisk Contour is almost too big, but i’ve had some that got fat in the middle and i couldn’t plug in anything else next to it. This is crucial to me when I buy one now.

  4. Selvam said on May 11, 2009

    Good…nice post