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Hi, I thought the best way to start D-Lists was to recommend to you my top 10 favourite design blogs and give you an idea of what I want to achieve with this very site. I would love it if D-Lists could become anything like as successful as the following blogs:

10) Think Design


“Welcome to think design! This is a… graphic design blog, aiming to bring you freebies, resources, inspiration and much more. This site was created by… Nick Pagano, the (only) designer for Think Four Graphic Design.”

The main thing I use Think Design for is the freebies. While there are posts that provide some good quality showcases the main strength of this site are the resources given away. There are some great brushes, textures etc to be found here.

Recent posts include:
Free Textures – 30 High-Res Paper & Plastic Packaging Textures
Inspiration – 5 Awesome Graphic Designers P.2
Free Vectors – 15 Grunge Vectors

9) Designer Daily


“Designer Daily is a blog for designers and webdesigners by Mirko Humbert, a Swiss graphic designer who shares his thoughts on design, ressources and tips for designers, beautiful stuff & more. Don’t worry if you are not a designer, you are also welcome to browse around and enjoy yourself.”

I only came across Designer Daily recently but it has quickly become a favourite RSS feed of mine. There is an abundance of free resources and design summaries. There is also a very handy summary of the week in design that I always look forward to.

Recent posts include:
15 wonderful set of icons for web design
18 jQuery scripts and tutorials to improve your portfolio
20 great illustrators that will inspire you

8) You the Designer


“I look forward to publishing quality graphic design resources, graphic design tips and much more on You the Designer with the hopes that aspiring design professionals, and pros alike, will find this site inspiring and helpful. Enjoy!”

This is a very good blog for a varied array of audiences. Posts include all sorts of design topics from photoshop tutorials to giveaways and competitions. The posts on the site could appeal to all levels of designer be you a newcomer or an experienced pro.

Recent posts include:
Photoshop Tutorials 90+ Places to Submit
7 Ways to Build Trust on a Portfolio Site
7 Ingenious Websites Inspired by Color

7) Tuts+


“From graphics to web development, audio to video and more, get the skills you want from our family of tutorial and resource sites. Need more? We also offer a Plus program where you can access source files and bonus tutorials.”

If you want great tutorials then look no further than Tuts+. Tuts+ is the summary site for PSDTuts, VectorTuts, NetTuts, FlashTuts, AudioTuts, AETuts, which are all individually amazing tutorial blogs. There is also a subscription service that allows you access to special + tutorials and the tutorial source files. I personally pay the subscription for this and believe that it has already repayed its cost back to me in the vast array of skills I have acquired from it.

Recent posts include:
20 Short Films and Music Videos Made with After Effects
Design a Beautiful Website From Scratch
How to Create a Surreal Fantasy Scene

6) The Dieline


“The Dieline is dedicated to the progress of the package design industry and its practitioners, students and enthusiasts. Its purpose is to define and promote the world’s best examples of packaging”

The Dieline may focus on package design but should still be a great aid to any design discipline. The site is full of packaging inspiration providing readers with a great deal of ideas. While I am not a packaging designer I still gain a great deal of stimulation from the quality work on show.

Recent posts include:
Brand Spotlight: Aldo Shoes
Student Spotlight: Matej Balaz
Brand Spotlight: Shatto Milk Company

5) Freelance Switch


“FreelanceSwitch is a site for freelancers. Whether you’ve been freelancing for years, have just started or are considering making the switch, this is the place to get all the information and support you need. FreelanceSwitch covers all the topics freelancers need to know about in our daily posts. At FreelanceSwitch we’re always looking for new ways to help and entertain freelancers. If there’s anything you’d like to see, let us know by sending us a tip.”

If you are a freelance designer, writer or web designer I really think this blog should be in your bookmark folder or RSS subscriptions. The articles on here cover all manner of issues that concern freelancers. The posts are all very well written and informative providing any freelance in need with some great advice.

Recent posts include:
10 Simple Steps to Landing More Gigs
50 Simple Marketing Ideas All Freelancers Can Use
How to Handle Price Objections



“ is a community-based website for web designers and developers. The site includes a popular blog, a user-submitted news section, a design gallery, and a design job board.” is targeted primarily at the web design audience and features a number of excellent posts. features interviews, tutorials, freebies and some great designer showcases. The community is also a big plus for allowing readers to contribute guest posts, news and job listings.

Recent posts include:
Website Layout Toolbox
12 Content Management Systems Recommended by Readers
10 Principles of Successful Freelancers

3) Spoon Graphics


“This site acts as my digital playground, where I present Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials, articles around the subject of design and a bunch of free vector and resource giveaways.”

You’ll have to try very hard to find a better blog for illustrator and photoshop tutorials. Chris Spooner’s blog provides all manner of useful design resource but in my opinions it’s the quality of the tutorials on there that really make it stand out. The blog also includes a great deal of resource giveaways that can be a big help.

Recent posts include:
Create a Bright Retro Grunge Vector Illustration
Create a Grid Based Resume/CV Layout in InDesign
270+ High-Res Rough and Grungey Photoshop Brushes

2) Abduzeedo


“The idea behind this blog is primarily to be a channel for me to write down some ideas, experiments, news, and a lot of thing that I see online and probably will forget in a couple of months. Basically it is an archive of my adventures online as a designer on the daily basis.”

The thing that really stands out, in my opinion, on Abduzeedo is the quality of the work on offer. I start every morning looking at Abduzeedo’s daily inspiration, which contains a huge amount of inspiration for any type of designer. If you are ever suffering from designer’s block, I suggest a trip to Abduzeedo for a great quick fix of design covering web design, illustration, graphic design, photography and motion graphics.

Recent posts include:
Interview with Young Artist Richard Roberts
Beautiful Dark Light Photos by Alcove
25 Great Examples of iPhone Optimized Sites

1) Smashing Magazine


“we smash you with the information that will make your life easier. really.”

If you are yet to visit the Smashing Magazine blog I suggest you take a minute now to get right over there and check it out. It’s packed full of articles from some of the best bloggers in the industry. They cover a huge range of topics in a varied manner of styles including lists, tutorials, discussions and showcases.

Recent posts include:
Captivating Winery Websites For Your Inspiration
The Effective Strategy For Choosing Right Domain Names
60+ Beautiful Logo Design Tutorials And Resources

This is a must for anyone interested in design of any kind.

I hope you have enjoyed this list and you find my suggestions of use to you. However, if you disagree with me or have any other great design blog suggestions then please let everyone know by adding a comment below. Have yourself a creative day!

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